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With deep domain expertise, we at Crecer Digibots offer Highly Scalable and Robust Solutions, IT Products & Platforms, and Services across multiple technologies. We currently cater to over 6 industry verticals across Transportation, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Dealer and Trading PoS, Banking & Manufacturing Industries.

Crecer Digibots provides a big basket of offerings with multiple permutation and combinations across its products and services.

The core of Crecer Digibots’ business model is extensive knowledge base and capability in methodologies like

With this constantly evolving diverse experience and a rich knowledge base, Crecer Digibots adds High Value to Client Ecosystem thereby serving as a major differentiator their business cases, thus helping them grow.

Crecer Digibots business development



"To become the service support backbone of our customers and continually improve their performance standards and mitigate their operational costs"


To be recognised as a multifaceted Corporation by 2020 through disciplined
"-- Innovation -- Integration – Sponsored…."
structure across diversified industry segments.


Sr.No Month/Year Milestone / Achievement Description
1 Apr-18 Crecer Digibots becomes Official IBM Partners Crecer Digibots signs agreement with IBM to become an authorized partner for delivery of their entire Product group in Analytics
2 Aug-17 Press Release for Scientific Analysis of distress calls on Dial100 for Nagpur Police & Ahmednagar Police Incoming call rate reduced by 12000 per day
3 Nov-16 Crecer Digibots gets wide recognition for reducing crime rate in Maharashtra's second capital city of Nagpur With the help of Crecer Digibots' system and technology, Police personnel can now reach within 5 minutes to the distress destination
4 Sep-14 Crecer Digibots gets Press recognition across the state for "excellent and most user friendly" system implemention CM honours and felicitates the management for the simplest and uniquely designed system
5 Jun-14 Crecer Digibots becomes certified IT solutions provider to the State of Maharashtra Crecer Digibots implements “Dial 100" systems for the Maharashtra Police Department handling more than 30000 calls per day
6 Mar-12 Project launch in Gujarat state Successfully ventured into the Service Providers market in Gujarat opening doors into the Dealership Industry.
7 Feb-12 System solution developed for leading auto-ancillaries and auto component manufacturer in the country Successfully Ventured into auto-ancillary and auto-component manufacturer – CARRARO India by developing Tool Room Management System
8 2011 PMC Authorized Vendor First software development company to offer GIS system in Kasba constituency, Pune. Developed and implemented the Complete GIS project
9 2010-11 System solution developed for Pharmaceutical manufacturing Industry Successfully Ventured into Batch Processing ERP System in Pharma industry
10 2006-07 Six Sigma Certification Director of the Board received Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate from the University of Michigan USA
Crecer Digibots Experienced & Matured Leadership

What Crecer Digibots Delivers.

Increase business performance, Measure Financial Effectiveness, and make better business decisions to improve your Financial bottomline at least by 12- 15%.

Every organization today needs the right software systems to help and ensure that their teams drive key business processes in a focused direction, make smarter and faster decisions, and ensure they achieve optimum results within the given framework. Crecer Digibots’ solutions provide these capabilities to organizations in the SME sector as well as for global companies. These solutions have enabled our clients to accomplish target oriented tasks across their organizations, reduce the cost of doing business, improve overall process structure by streamlining their entire supply chain, in-effect increasing simplified Corporate Governance to have an overall impact on the Organizational elevation.

Crecer Digibots Delivers

Where we Stand Today

Crecer Digibots started out as a Product company and developed the first ERP based on Mass Manufacturing Process. Over the years, the organization ventured into newer segments and has now diversified itself into services for Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Cloud, IoT and AI.

Crecer Digibots now has a diversified base of Products, Services and Hi-End Skills Staffing.

Right from embracing the change from waterfall and progressing into DevOps, maturity growth from ASP.NET 2.0 to ASP.NET 4.7, SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2017, and IBM DB2 to IBM Watson APIs, Crecer Digibots has always tried to stay on top of technology upgrades.

At Crecer Digibots, we believe that R&D lies at the core of every step and value addition to the client is at the heart of Crecer Digibots. We strongly believe that customer growth is Crecer Digibots growth and this principle is strongly embedded in our DNA.


    Equipped with secured networking and communications.
    8 Standardized Products established and ready for Deployment – Lowest turnaround time for implementation.
    Test Instances are deployed on Crecer Digibots servers for easy support and assures Zero Investment to Clients during development phases.
    Every Employee has NDA Contract with Crecer Digibots for Data Integrity.
    Strategic Partnerships on providing valuable support for Hardware and networking systems to our all esteemed clients – One Window Shopping with Single Access Point.
    Corporate Client Base is diversified into Dealers, Manufacturers, Pharma and Generic Industries.
    Crecer Digibots has vast experience in bringing the best of the technologies needed by the industry and offers complex system products with Global Certification levels at the most competitive price.
Equipped with secured networking and communications