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End to End Process management from the traditional paper to digital transformation. Retrieval and Audits requiring immediate evidences made easier with technology.

Document Management Systems

From focussing on helping you move towards a paperless office to trying to help you schedule and manage workflows, Document Management System does it all. This software is unlike anything else we reviewed, giving you the opportunity to track documents and control who sees what. It also allows you to scan your paper documents and categorize them based on their content, besides providing you the tools necessary to organize and edit your digital documents. In a small organization, File management software needs to be accessible to all employees, but you should be able to set up multiple security levels to control who can work with certain documents.

Different from the other document management softwares we reviewed, this Document Management System is very easy to implement in your office. Every change made to your documents is tracked and monitored, allowing you to stay attuned to the work done in your office. Though there are several organizations offering file management in India, we pride ourselves for having worked with a few of topmost clients in multiple industries like Symbiosis and Zee Business.

1) Secured Log-in – Three tier security logins. Independent logins for multiple institutions and their branches. Access control, four levels of document management (Create, View, modify, lock), encrypted data based among other security futures with electronic signature control for document release.

2) Web Access: - Independent browsers access.

3) Tracking of documents and folders – Independent tracking as well as institution tracking

4) Watched folders – over usage, tagged and frequently used or observed.

5)Download History tracking: - Track download history user wise and designation wise.

6) User logs- Track employees and their activity along with locations.

7)Alerts and Reminders – statutory compliance, commercial and other notifications via emails, Pending, Overdue tasking, document holding period notification via listings.

8)Document Inward and outward Notifications: - Copies With marking of date and time stampings and register maintenance for the flow of inward and outward documents.

9)Documents Subscription – notification of changes – Automated information flow to owner of document and related users.

10) Prioritizing: - Document management with priority level and importance level. Access control for downloading at the time of uploading itself.

11) Document Indexing – Document indexing and numbering facility for cabinet control.

12) Favourite documents – Book marking Facility, post it noting, sticky noting, task allocation.

13) Discussion forums- Intranet, project discussion, document discussion, history maintenances, commenting.

14) Image Fusion- Scanned documents can be fusioned together in .pdf format to accommodate multiple papers of the same document.

15) Reverse Indexing:- Keeping track of unique document, retrieval of document.

16) Storage and backup:- Documents ageing , migration of the documents from one storage media to another storage media, automated backup via mirroring, encryption and eventual document destruction. Institution wise and branch wise.

17) Shared document Distribution, Updating, Share single document with multi users, Updating, associated task assignment, auto forward next phase or process.

18) Automated Workflow: - Paper Process flow control, index control mapping control.

19) Versioning: - Allowing users to retrieve previous versions and to continue working from a selected point with Check In and Check Out facility so as to receive the latest updated document.

20) Searching: - Search using template, attributes or full text search, multiple key words, To From dates, location, or by the user and his/her designation, Institution wise and branch or location wise.

21) Reproduction: - Reproduction of documents to its original scale upon printing.

22) Scanning and uploading: - Document management System will have the necessary upload facilities to upload batch documents or single document through direct tagging.

23) Reports: - Stage wise document flow report, size of cabinet, user activity, MIS, Dashboard, completion of folder or status of project documentation.

24) Customization: - Product is owned by SIPL and as such can be customizing to accommodate additional requirements.

Scanning of Documents using document management software:-

1) Collection & Preparation of Documents: The documents will be collected, on a regular basis under the supervision of an Officer, scanned at the JMC site. After scanning the documents will be arranged in the same manner as they were received & returned after scanning is completed.

a)Document & batch Preparation: Inspecting & separating documents, grouping documents into categories & designating the beginning & end of documents and batches.

b)Document Ironing: In case the documents are crumpled & in bad shape, they should be ironed before scanning.

c)Document returns & hands off: the documents will be returned back to the JMC officer with a check being done again for the integrity of the documents being returned.

d)Rechecking: The JMC officer will be responsible for signing and taking charge of the documents back.

2)Scanning: The Documents will be scanned in an organized manner, at the site. A manual index will be generated as decided in the blueprint. A listing of the document will be published as an aide in the Document management system.

a)Indexing & Image Cropping: The images will be edited/cropped to remove any undesirable foreign spots/marks as far as possible.

b)Quality Assurance: Every image will be scanned in the manner received. The best image quality will be achieved by using high resolution scanners, Processors & quality equipment. The minimum scanning resolution will be 200 DPI black & white, in general. However, this will be adjusted if required, to ensure proper readability of the output image to its max potential.

c)Merging into Database: The images will be merged into the database. The fields may be decided mutually depending on the retrieval parameters defined in the blueprint.

Benefits of using document management software in India:

Eliminate loss of documents

Managing large volumes of paper based documents day in and day out can make one error prone. A study by Pricewaterhouse Cooper* reveals that the average organization loses 1 out of 20 documents. It takes $120 in labor searching for each lost document and wastes 25 hours in labor recreating each lost document. But when paper based documents are digitized, they are stored in databases on your computer or network. Become easy to search, especially if you use document management software.

Eliminate misfiling using of document management

You may take care to not lose a document, but as filing paper manually can make one error prone, it does increase the chances of misspelling a document. Imagine filing the document in the wrong folder that is stored in a four-drawer cabinet that is just one of several such cabinets! Retracing that document could add up to several hours of wasted labor – which translates into costs. An electronic document management in India software saves you that cost as documents can be organized systematically in a range of ways. This means no matter where you have stored the document in your document management system, all it takes to find it is a quick search.

Reduce recurring costs of office supplies by using File management in India.

Creating and copying paper based documents and taking printouts liberally for circulation, amounts to huge paper consumption levels. Add to it the cost of cartridges, boxes, folders, pins and clips etc. All these are items of recurring expenditure. Once you digitize your paper archive and all incoming documents and create all new documents in digital formats by using document management software, these recurring expenses will drop dramatically. The added benefit is that you also eliminate the capital expenses of buying new cabinets, printers and copiers that perpetuate your dependence on paper.

Release cash

Once you have fully adopted an electronic document management system in India, you can sell old, obsolete printers and copiers that are no longer needed. That’s because the document management software would have made these machines redundant. Selling them unblocks cash and releases it back into your business.

Improve employee productivity and customer service by using Document management software

An electronic document management software system helps organize documents in various ways. So your employees can find documents fast and save time. They can accomplish more work in the given amount of time. Also, in customer facing situations, as employees find documents quickly and deliver prompt service, the chances of escalations occurring are minimized (e.g. at the help desk, front office etc.). Slow service portrays an image an unprofessional workforce. But quick response using automated processes reflects positively on the image of your organization.